Types of Artwork

Artwork on this site is available in a number of finishes, each with unique properties that bring it closer to the original in terms of look and feel. See below for a description of the different types of finishes available:

Artwork/Reproduction ValueOriginal
Nothing is more more valuable or closer to an artist than an original painting. Most of James’ paintings are done in watercolor on paper.

Artist Proof
When the first reproductions are produced, the artist is generally available to check for quality and color consistency. The first few reproductions from any printing run are considered “Artist Proofs” as the artist will hand-check each print.

Giclee on Canvas
A giclee (pronounced “zee-clay”) is an inkjet reproduction. Giclee reproductions are very true to the original painting’s color vibrancy. A giclee on canvas can even have the same texture as the original painting.

Giclee on Paper
A giclee on paper is an inkjet reproduction on high-quality paper.

A lithograph is a reproduction using plates and applying ink to the surface and pressing paper against it. The result is a high-quality print of the original painting.

The most basic reproduction available.