When one thinks about a ‘Professional’ at the top of his or her ‘game’, one knows that total quality is at bay. This is what I found so totally accurate working with wildlife and athlete artist James Fiorentino. From the inception of an original idea, to the sketches he puts on paper, to the commitment to excellence of the finished product being so unique and down right good, it’s no wonder so many awards have been bestowed upon this so talented artist. From an umpire’s perspective, James worked a whole season and didn’t miss a play...from a player’s perspective, his work is like hitting a game winning grand slam home run...like every day!
— Al Clark, Umpire (1976-2001)
I feel honored to have my portrait painted by a guy who has painted Ali, Gorbachev and Ted Williams among many others. And the fact that you were painting professionally at the age of 14 (amazing) reminds me of me. I was writing professional at 17-but you still beat me by three years!
— Stan Lee
Every time I see a painting that James Fiorentino does of my grandfather, Babe Ruth, it brings him to life for me. You can see the passion for the love of the game and the man in every piece, James’ eye and his work in wildlife is also wonderful! He is an incredible talent!
— Linda Ruth Tosetti - Babe Ruth's Granddaughter
James does gorgeous work...what an artist!
— Tony Larussa
The James Fiorentino artwork has given a new meaning to the prestigious Latino MVP awards. The LatinoMVP awards are the oldest and most prestigious awards given to Latino baseball players. Since 1989 our awards have recognized the best Latino players who were proud to be honored by their own community. Since the introduction of the James Fiorentino artwork as the official award given to the player, the award has become not just prestigious, but also the most appreciated by the player and his entire family. We believe it’s one of the most sought after awards and the James Fiorentino artwork is a major reason why.
— Julio Pabon of Latino Sports
We are thrilled to have some of James’ art in our collections in Cooperstown. The breadth and depth of our art collection is deep and we are honored that James contributed four pieces.
— National Baseball Hall Of Fame, Cooperstown, NY
“Spurred by his involvement in The Raptor Trust where he is now a trustee, Jim as created an amazing body of work celebrating wildlife in his home state of New Jersey. many of the creatures he paints are endangered. Through his work Jim celebrates their uniqueness and their beauty. Hopefully his art will spur us on to give them the help they need to survive.
— Governor Tom Kean