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Sports Themed Work

James' watercolor paintings speak more eloquently than photographs. Each painting emanates detail and realistic imagery that comes to life right before your eyes. Unlike many watercolor painters, James stresses the fluidity of the medium while using an almost dry brush. This allows him to focus on such minute detail, giving his paintings a level of definition and detail like that of a Renaissance tempera painter. James uses a technique autonomous from traditional watercolor and a style developed on his own. In viewing his diverse collection of portraits and sports paintings, one feels as if he or she has stepped into the action of a live sports arena.

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Nature Art

 "James Fiorentino has had his artwork juried into exhibitions like America's Parks, and Art and the Animal, museum tours of which I manage. The jury process for these exhibits is extremely competitive so this is no small achievement. Fiorentino has also produced an alternative body of work -- portraits of sports icons and celebrities.  The breadth of artwork produced by James Fiorentino reminds me of the breadth of work of America's richest artist of the Twentieth Century, LeRoy Neiman, whose subject matter ran the gamut of sports icons, celebrities, wildlife, and much, much more.  Though their painting styles differ, Fiorentino is adept, like Neiman was, at drawing, which is of course the most fundamental skill required to succeed as a figurative artist.  Very few wildlife artists that I know of, can handle the human figure in convincing fashion. Fiorentino has distinguished himself as a wildlife artist with skill and versatility that positions him above the rest in this regard."


- Famed Author and Curator David J. Wagner, Ph.D.


Client Testimonials

James is considered one of the most renowned watercolor artists in the country. His skill embodies a compelling sense of realism. His remarkable, realistic qualities evoke a great deal of emotion. James' theme in every painting is the image of the human spirit. James indicates that being an artist comes naturally for him; it is as much as an act of will as it is the product of inspiration. 

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Other Work

"Sometimes, I step back and wonder if what I am painting will be rendered the way I want it to, but when I am finished, the painting looks exactly the way I imagined it. I don't concentrate too much on painting a flawless image. I let my eyes and hands do the work. Just as a poet expresses himself through words, I express myself through paint. I feel fortunate to be able to use my art as a means of communication.

- James Fiorentino


Available Original Artwork

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The Wildlife Art Of

James Fiorentino


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